Longinus 1631 8 another one in niche on side cathedra

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Unformatted text preview: ernini’s real career o consecrated new St. Peter’s Basilica so Urban had blank slate to himself loved Bernini and made him chief of art inside • - St. Peter’s Basilica o supposedly built over catacombs, tomb of St. Peter right under main altar o St. Peter was first Pope of church o was persecuted by Nero o crucifixion took place in one of the side aisles o before church built, people were coming to place with no structure o structure was rebuilt as a High Renaissance style by Michelangelo and others • - St. Peter’s Baldacchino, 1624- 33 o position was important, was focus of church, relic underneath, so everyone would come up to this o is a huge altar, 95 ft tall, and very expensive o columns were gilded, bronze, had bees (Barberini family), and faces to tablature that showed different expressions o lot of detail, tassels, angels holding a canopy, made bronze to look like delicate fabric o on top there is a globe with a cross on top, symbolizes Christ as a universal leader, supposedly mirrors cross at top of dome originally supposed to be a statue of Christ o used technique to cast the columns, “lost lizard technique” heat resistant core, apply wax to it, molten bronze poured in, then wax goes away but bronze fills in place of wax o “what the barbarians did not due, the Barberini’s did” some people did not like (?) o Baldacchino was shining glory of Urban’s church and reign • - there were niches in sides of church, would be sculptures there, other times relics would be there o sculpture of Helena with cross o St. Longinus, 1631- 8 another one in niche on side - Cathedra Petri, 1657- 66 o did this later for another pope, Pope Alexander o w...
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