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Peters st peters basilica constantine had old st

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Unformatted text preview: oud she’s on dark, seems like she’s floating o Cornaro really admired his work • - Innocent X didn’t like him, but did have him work for him once (was duped) • - Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazzo Navone, 1647- 50 o wanted magnificent fountain topped by an obelisk o asked group of architects to submit designs for work, but didn’t ask Bernini o Bernini got help from sister in law of pope, who had lunch with pope and brought model of Bernini’s work, and pope liked it without knowing who it was, pope liked it o only requirement was use of obelisk o four river gods show 4 corners of world (4 rivers) • shows authority over world o Bernini didn’t carve most of it, his assistants did o was a huge fountain, considered his greatest public work • - Triton Fountain • - had international fame, commissioned in England and France o but had to get permission from patron o in England, did a bust of Charles I off a portrait of him Triple Portrait of Charles I, Anthony van Dyck, 1636 Charles was very pleased with it o was commissioned to create statue of Richelieu, who wanted full size status, in France but pope wasn’t excited about this, so Bernini only did a bust based off Triple Portrait of Richelieu, Philippe de Champaigne was unveiled in Rome, but he didn’t like it himself o 1665, invited by Louis XIV to design addition to his palace, the Louvre but didn’t go over well for French, liked classical desi...
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