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Unformatted text preview: ntury, falling in disrepair, pope wanted to renovate, so Julius II during High Renaissance started project - in High Renaissance, about classicism, Michelangelo and Bramante o the base was already constructed, so he added “colossal orders” which are pillars which add on to the side (go up all the way to top) o he had planned the dome, but then died, dome finished in 1590 under Sixtus V also responsible for moving obelisk from Egypt • - Pope Paul V, in early 17th century, Greek cross design not good o because centrally planned building was related to paganism o needed more space for public gathering o wanted to separate lay public from clergy o so Paul V added a long portion to end of church, and wanted to link it to the Vatican palace • - Maderno added 3 little bell towers/domes on roof and a façade to the front o had to conform to the preexisting architecture, but wanted to incorporate Baroque features (usher people into church) o colossal orders still there, front section protrudes, the columns in front protrude even more creates crescendo that comes out at audience o text in front says Pope Paul V created this, in which year, establishes pope’s power • - Urban VIII o hired Bernini to make the Baldacchino • - Bernini, under Alexander VII o added a square outside, a piazza, to the front of church o all about the approach and experience of the church very calculated o important bridge was Ponte Sant’Angelo, which took you over Tibur Bernini renovates in 1667, lowered the railing of bridge and added status on side, so you can view St. Peters from afar at end of bridge, lots of dark streets (reflect on magnificent view), then end up at actual church (symbolic heaven) was important because people would walk across old city to get to St. Peters o on the day Alexander VII was elected Pope, gave Bernini this commission o had to hold a ton of people, had to be able to see the pope when he blessed them from the benediction loggia, had to be able to see the pope from the papal apartments, and be able to see him from the papal apartments in weekly blessings, symbolic “arms” opening up to the rest of the world o if weather bad, “arms” have covered walkway under sides wide enough for procession and carriage, columns encircle, topped with tons of statues...
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