Peters o on the day alexander vii was elected pope

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Unformatted text preview: gn didn’t like his curves, maybe rejected for nationalism reasons as a concession, created a portrait bust of Louis XIV, 1665 • was willing to sit for this portrait • cowlicks in hair was a trait of Alexander the Great also commissioned to do an equestrian portrait, king on horse • but Louis didn’t like statue because there was a smile, so they resculpted it as a roman general • Equestrian Status of Louis XIV, 1669- 70 • during French Revolution, they stormed Versailles to destroy traces of king, but this survived because it didn’t seem like the king • • • 9/27/13 • Midterm Test • - memorize paintings, know themes and biography stuff, only apprx. dates (century, late or early, etc.) • - if designed for a chapel, know where chapel is, name of chapel • - group slides into themes • - Italian Baroque and Spanish Baroque • - still on Friday • • Italian Baroque Architecture • - Bernini was important figure o sculptures and stuff o esp in Rome, architecture in Rome is where the word Baroque came from • - after Counter- Reformation, architecture and other work wanted to move people, move them back to the church • - major Baroque project was the construction/addition of St. Peters • St. Peter’s Basilica - Constantine had Old St. Peters built in 4th century, over location of tomb - in 15th ce...
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