A second part of the work somewhere out there o

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Unformatted text preview: ght narrative first see it from Pluto’s side, don’t know what it’s about, then go to front and can see her struggling, and then towards the back you see 3- headed dog to see where they’re going to o there was a new cardinal nephew, Bernini gave it to him, with inscription that was basically a warning to tread carefully • - Apollo and Daphne, 1622- 5 o took him 3 years to create this, considered a long time was simultaneously working on status of David o same twisted narrative, no idea why she’s running then you see Apollo, and then see that she’s becoming a tree, then you see their faces, he is stunned o was innovative technique at the time o cardinal was upset with this, thought too much attention o there was moral inscription, though that justified sensual figure • - David, 1623- 4 o David has been done before, but difference is that Bernini’s David is caught in a split second on time, in action, intense expression on face Donatello and Michelangelo, classic stance o perception of work changes as you walk around o interaction with space: there is an implication that there is a second part of the work somewhere out there o apparently, facial features are Bernini’s own cardinal held mirror • • St. Peter’s Basilica • - Maffeo Barbarini, Pope Urban VIII 1632 o was young for a pope, wanted to assert authority o his papacy signaled start of B...
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