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Launched by cardinal scipione borghese 92513 test

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Unformatted text preview: get him Bernini was a total suck up to the Popes • - Bust of Costanza Bonarelli o had an affair with Costanza Bonarelli o but got jealous that he thought she had affair with her brother, so cut up her face, and he got fined o so Pope told him to settle down and get married o made this for himself was very lifelike pretty unusual, though, because marble was expensive • - the French hated him, so did Boromini • - sometimes assistants did the actual work after he set it up, but he took credit, and assistant got mad • - career was launched by Cardinal Scipione Borghese • • • 9/25/13 • Test: memorize and ID huge group of paintings • • Bernini’s Career • - launched by powerful patron, Scipione Borghese o was “Cardinal nephew” of Pope Paul V, who loved Bernini o afficianado of art • - did four life- sized sculptures for him • - Aeneas, Anchieses, and Ascanius, 1618- 9 o Bernini was still very young, was a transitional piece o Rape of the Sabine Woman, a typical Mannerist painting o in both, spiral motion in their movement, serpentine, need to walk around to fully view it o in Bernini’s, figures have greater sense of naturalism o starting to distinguish himself in his descriptions of figures • - Pluto and Persephone (Rape of Persephone), 1621- 2 o fingers and hand are compressed into skin, get sense of skin and can see folds of skin, a lot of detail o brings warmth to cold stone o in this, you are forced to walk around the sculpture to fully get the story, whereas in Aeneas you can see everything just at one angle o supposedly Bernini intended it to be viewed at a specific angle and then you have to walk a certain path to get the ri...
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