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Was pope liked it o only requirement was use of

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Unformatted text preview: as the “throne of Saint Peter” o moved it to the central end of the church o chair held up by four fathers of church, St. Ambrose, St. John, St. Augustine, ? had influence on teachings of church o incorporated natural light for back of work, stained glass, created natural, soft look • - Bernini carefully orchestrated views of the church • - also did the tombs of the popes • - career hit a snag when Urban died, pope’s successor (Innocent X) didn’t like Bernini • - had a disaster o bell towers in St. Peters had been designed earlier by pope’s architect, were modest, Bernini wanted bigger and better o was 1 story, wanted 3 stories, but heavier, and there was a crack in the façade, had to dismantle it, hurt his reputation • - patrons wanted to capitalize on this and snatch up Bernini and be new patron, Cardinal Federico Cornaro • - Ecstasy of St. Teresa, 1647- 52 o was a church dedicated to St. Teresa o had to fulfill requirements for church, like make architecture harmonize, need to include a vision, and commemorate Cornaro that were buried there o so not just an architectural/artistic job, but had to create an experience for them o illusionistic fresco painted to ceiling, vision on the bottom, Cornaro family witnessing the vision from the side, became huge architectural feat, marble was polychromatic, gave cool effect her vision was seeing angel in human form that stabbed her with spear and gave her spiritual pain that filled her with love for God (almost pornographic vision) put in gold (bronze) rays in the back, and uses a natural light source on top, makes cl...
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