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spain tried bourbon reforms empire poorly run it is

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Unformatted text preview: ople because there was a diverse group of people separated by race, social class, geography Louis XIV’s code noir protected slaves from some stuff, but outlined how masters should discipline them How were they affected by events and decisions in Britain, France, and Spain? - Spain: tried Bourbon reforms, empire poorly run, it is so large, needed to stimulate economy, want to appease French buddies by appointing officials with pro- French bias, still had mercantilist ideals, so tried to exploit resources in colonies; triggered by Napoleon’s invasion of Spain, when Ferdinand VII back in power, lots had changed, he abolished Spanish constitution - Britain: needed money to pay for 7 Years’ War, so they taxed colonists; after Boston tea party, they wanted colonists to pay for East India Company, Quebec Act gives Canadians freedom, colonists angry - French: hearing of the French Revolution gave fuel to the Haitians to revolt, French abolish slavery in 1793 but Reign of Terror going on, so they can’t enforce it How did they devolve into independence? What were the goals of revolutionary movements? - Spain: racially,...
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