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Seen in caudillo system britain angry with taxes and

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Unformatted text preview: peninsulares vs. Creoles, Spanish couldn’t gain control of locals in order to enact reform; initially, all they wanted was to get rid of taxes, estancos, monopolies, tribute stuff, and not independence, eventually turned into independence; different racial/social groups all wanted different things, begin to turn to violence silver mine revolt in Mexico, before US independence, just wanted to kill mine owners and burn down the mine, revolt eventually, they just wanted independence from Spain, but had no clear vision for the future (Simon Bolivar, feels that New Spain not ready for the best type of government), as seen in caudillo system - Britain: angry with taxes and lack of representation, wanted to overthrow British government and create own separate government (and nation) protested tax acts, tried to work within system initially (John Dickinson’s Letters from a Farmer) - French: French Revolution stirred things up, ambiguity of racial and social lines, slaves had to go into guerilla warfare (Toussaint L’Overture) What were the implications of i...
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