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The Establishment of the Spanish Empire

Island possessions they know columbus had grossly

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Unformatted text preview: mphasis on saints made it easy to mix it with existing polytheistic religions - oral culture shifted to written culture, when religion hits, so they begin writing down history for the first time - only successful in conquering Angola, only colony Columbus + Spanish in New World - Spanish had Canary Islands, had experience acquiring island possessions - they know Columbus had grossly underestimated circumference of world, so hard for him to get sponsorship - he sails four times total - first group he encounters are Tainos Indians • very welcoming, help his men out, food and supplies - later encounter (still first voyage) Caribs, more frightening - next voyage he brings 1300 people - Spaniards eat a ton of food, Tainos unable to feed them • starts enslaving Tainos and destroying villages • eventually wipe them out - Alexander VI, pope gives new world to Spain, 1493 • Treaty of Tordesillas, 1494 - Columbus find gold in Hispaniola • tries to coerce Tainos to give up gold • institutes encomienda, but essentially becomes form of slave labor • becomes primary labor system for many years - Spain establishes central, bureaucratic...
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