The Establishment of the Spanish Empire

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Unformatted text preview: as captive and he goes along • we don’t know why because only have Spanish account - Cortez rules through him and loots city - at same time, king of Cuba sends troops to fight Cortez because he broke the law, so Cortez has to go back to Vera Cruz, so he leaves group in charge, Cortez convinces Spanish to bring them back to Tenochtitlan and see the gold, but Cortez’s group was ambushed and locked up • June 1520, they break out and leave across causeways • Moctezuma dies • September of that year, Tenochtitlan gets hit by smallpox, so when Spanish go back, the city is already weakened • Bernal Diaz del Castillo • August 1521, Aztec empire collapses, in the face of 600 Spaniards • Tlaxcalans were very brutal to Aztecs • Spanish destroy city - Cortez has priests, soldiers, African/Cuban slaves • 94% were Spaniards, Portuguese/Genoese/Dutch made up the rest - most were young, literate, intelligent - most remained poor after they defeated the Aztecs, and didn’t live long - over half the conquistadors that took part of the war died - big part of success is...
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