The Establishment of the Spanish Empire

These places based on kinship in places like aztecs

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Unformatted text preview: system right away - Portuguese later arrive in Brazil accidentally, were blown off course • empty of resources except for Brazil wood • leave Brazil alone for awhile, until French later show up Consequences of Europeans in New World - reappearance of Canary Islanders and others means they had to establish religious and legal status for them • natives seen as inferior beings • societies are warped into stateless societies, unspoiled state of nature, savages • Spanish given permission to Christianize them, from pope’s bull • ultimately, decided they are not infidels, outlaw slavery, but not encomienda system, not slaves, but forced labor - hierarchy is minimal in these places, based on kinship; in places like Aztecs where hierarchy rigid, when king dies there is loss of morale and legitimacy, very difficult for these societies to continue fighting unless someone replaces quickly; easier if leadership by kinship • Tainos go into guerilla warfare, easier for them to continue, hard for Spanish to keep fighting • Aztecs find it harder to maintain leadership, completely different fight • after 1517, begin importing African...
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