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The Establishment of the Spanish Empire

They were gods wanted to impress them spanish came on

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Unformatted text preview: slaves, because not enough Tainos to maintain labor Who’s settling in West Indies? - most are Spaniards looking for riches - most are launching own expeditions, without legal power, do own explorations and searches for conquest - supposed to give royal fifth to Spanish crown, so Cortez always trying to hide money - always a priest aboard - all Europeans had to read a demand called the requerimiento before they go to war • how they legally justify conquest in new world • problems: spoke it in Spanish, language difficult to understand Quetzacoatl, god of Aztecs - they believe Cortez is fulfilling prophecy that this god is supposed to show up - timing is perfect - can communicate with them, Dona Marina translated - founds Vera Cruz, on east coast of Mexico - Cortez was disobeying orders, so he destroys ships there - Spanish march to Tenochtitlan, conquers people along the way - Cortez meets Moctezuma, he lets them into the city and treats them like guests • we don’t know his motives, maybe thought they were gods, wanted to impress them, Spanish came on horses, foreign animal - after 3 months, they seize him...
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