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The Reformation and Counter

scottish try to settle nova scotia maryland founded

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Unformatted text preview: known scholar in Europe, denied doctrine of Holy Trinity - shows up in Geneva and speaks up about ideas - Calvin captures him and burns him alive for heresy - Calvin kills more than 70 people - rigid melding of civil and church laws, very dangerous Calvin’s Theology, Five Points - T=total depravity original sin, all men are depraved - U=unconditional election - L=limited atonement only the elect will be saved - I=irresistible grace if God chooses you, you can't resist him - p=perseverance of the saints once youre saved, you’re always saved The Geneva Bible - Calvinist annotate the Bible, lots of interpretation for the reader - heavily influenced by Calvinist Calvinist culture and effect on Europe - do allow women to divorce men - creates whole new community, becomes dominant form of Protestantism in France, and other places - confessions (doctrine) shape culture - everywhere in Europe, the only open practiced religion is the religion of the state, needed to distinguish themselves from one another - institute the handshake, as a form of equality in social hierarchy, no more deference, sign of Calvinism - very little religious toleration - Edict of Nantes, allows Calvinist to practice religion, but later revoked - new word: fanatic, comes to mean someone who is excessively moderate in their religion used to mean they are possessed by devil - turbulent period, assassinations and stuff are popular - stems writers to contemplate human condition - writing in this period is awesome Challenging Iberian Hegemony English and French take all this into the Atlantic, try to plant settlements depending on where they can hurt the Spanish lots of writing by seamen and stuff - Spanish set up ‘treasure fleet’ have Philippines, trade route from Manila, to Mexico City, to Cadiz/Seville problem is that it’s very predictable, so Englishman/Frenchman can attack them - 1562, Pro...
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