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The Reformation and Counter

Europeans were surprised by smallness of american

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Unformatted text preview: 1602) first multi- national corporation, first to issue stock has quasi- governmental powers, coin money, wage war, establish colonies invest in technology, science become very powerful in Pacific and Asia - Dutch West India Company (1621) get a lot of investors who are very wealthy don’t become as powerful in Atlantic - Hudson sails for Dutch to try and find Northwest passage maps most of northern Canada and Hudson bay - Dutch purchase New Amsterdam, island of Manhatta very lucrative colony for Dutch English seize it from them later in surprise attack English maintains slavery in Manhattan - English and Dutch go to war 3 times curbed Dutch power in Atlantic English pass Navigation Acts all goods going into England can only be on English ships, hurts Dutch and others stimulates pirates - mercantilism: there is a limited supply in the world, want to enact lots of tariffs to hurt compe...
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