The Reformation and Counter

Peters basilica offers one time chance to escape

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Unformatted text preview: ible as ‘litmus test’ for what Christian should do nothing you can do to determine salvation concludes that sacraments work only if person receiving them already has God’s faith, only keeps baptism and communion dispute over these two leads to further division modifies communion from trans- substantiation to con- substantiation has breakthrough same time he writes 95 theses - Pope Leo X issues new indulgence in 1517 in order to fund building of St. Peter’s Basilica offers one time chance to escape purgatory, can be applied to both living and dead - Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, prohibits sale of the pope’s indulgence neighbor of Saxony permitted this indulgence, and needed to sell this indulgence for personal finances people of Vittenberg go over and buy - Johann Tietzel (1470- 1519) is a shameless indulgence seller is a Dominican, tries to respond to Luther - 95 Theses someone nailed it to door of church, taken down and translated to German within few weeks, becomes known through German Tietzel drew up 12 theses in response when they debate, arbitrators don’t declare a winner, even though Luther gave a good argument renounces church and goes on pamphlet campaign writes: Priesthood of all believers, on the freedom of a Christian Luther ordered to disavow writings, burns papal bull condemned as a heretic, people banned from reading his writings - Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Kings of Spain (1500- 1558) Luther is supposed to be arrested Frederick pretends to ‘capture’ Luther, but protects him and hides him in Saxony Luther writes while he is in ‘captive’ - why successful? 95 theses published immediately wrote in German, good writer, wrote all the time ideology appealed to many people, followers grew very fast, spread fastest among educated, urban people German princes resented Catholic church Charles V can’t control spread...
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