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The Reformation and Counter

Century most pirates are actually privateers become

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Unformatted text preview: testants flee from Europe, end up on South Carolina (John Rebeau), doesn’t get back in time, men die 2 years later, they move to Florida, first fort settlement, called Fort Caroline later they get in fight and lose to Spanish at Fort Augustine, Spanish burn Fort Caroline Spanish execute all of them as a result, French give up trying to settle North American coast French Huguenots fail, Spanish build lots of forts - Sir Walter Raleigh (English settler/explorer) (1554- 1618) pays for fleets and supplies with all his own funds want to convert Native Americans to Protestants sets up colony in Roanoke, makes 3 voyages there John White is head of colony, leaves and sails back to England for supplies, but can’t go back for 3 years because of the Anglo- Spanish war Spanish armada invades England when he gets back to Roanoke, no one there, left to go and intermarry with Croatans - Sir Francis Drake (1540- 1596) first Englishman to sail world him and Raleigh want to find El Dorado - English settle Jamestown and Bermuda no resources, but import tobacco and this helps economy - Scottish try to settle Nova Scotia - Maryland founded by English- Catholic settlements gets into English politics act of Toleration, one of first acts of religious toleration in North America - French Catholics try to settle Canada - 1608, fur trading post formed by Champlain - 1609, Champlain tries to make alliances with Indians around Quebec, ally with the Algonquin (Hurons) go to war against Iroquois, who later become allies with British - Europeans become meshed into local rivalries - French Catholics pretty successful in settling Canada emphasis on fur trade, not on settling/colonization never able to match British colonies in population ex in Massachusetts Bay colony, groups of people seeking religious freedom, whole communities English vs. Dutch - Dutch East India Company (...
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