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most aggressive reforms come from securing more

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Unformatted text preview: an American slaves recognizes that blacks and whites have same creator - John Wesley goes to Georgia trying to convert Indians, but has a crisis of faith when he goes back to Europe, he has a conversion experience, said he felt a warming inside of him this feeling became very popular, Holy Spirit working, so much greater emphasis on feeling, rather than in the Enlightenment followers became known as Methodist repentance, faith, and holiness becomes distrustful of rich, gives salary to poor his brother Charles becomes very rich Charles writes hymns and becomes famous brothers become most popular Evangelical figures John becomes abolitionist slavery and evangelicalism become very intertwined Phyllis Wheatley - atypical slave because she had a master who urged her to become educated - writes poetry which is eventually published, Poems on various subjects, religious and moral not well received by all Americans, but overall popular Thomas Jefferson was not happy later emancipated - lot of black evangelical churches pop up 8/2/12 Consequences Religious Revival - supporters begin to split, branch off over social order, tactics for...
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