The Enlightenment

use money they make to improve defenses in empire

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Unformatted text preview: main thing that sets them apart is the Holy Spirit role of Holy Spirit in our lives, emphasis on revivals, conversion of sinners far removed from Enlightenment thinking of religion, deism more of an ideology than a religion need mood of despair for revival, so Puritans emphasized this begin preaching message of spiritual equality and freedom intertwined in slavery, not all agreed (Whitfield) - first major revival led by John Edwards people show up in town of Northampton to be converted, so his church grows reports that several blacks were revived writes A Faithful Narrative - George Whitefield recognizes conditions are bad in Georgia makes orphanage starts preaching in new way, goes in open fields and starts preaching, says it can reach more people has huge groups of people in his revival meetings makes it his custom to speak to Afric...
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