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The Enlightenment

Americas at the end tons of british die because of

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Unformatted text preview: d up the poor, make raids try to regulate food prices nothing works, just creates more problems and stuff - only relief for these native people only comes church establish hospitals and stuff - uprisings increase most serious in Peru in 1781, led by Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui/Tupac Amaru II (1742- 1781) - most serious uprising in Peru 1781 - educated Mestizo - claims to be descended from the last Inca - wealth comes from large group of mules that he uses to transport mine stuff, hurt by taxes and stuff - send Spanish crown list of grievances and demands wants to end practice of forcing Indians to buy good (estancos) remove officials who run estancos appoint local governments by popular demand end to labor draft better conditions in mines and factories proclamation of liberty, first in Spanish America demanding liberty for slaves - eventually they hang a government official so Spanish leaders...
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