The Enlightenment

French argued that women are different in nature than

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Unformatted text preview: olitical theorist of Enlightenment besides Locke Persian Letters uses example of two travelers in Persia to criticize Europe and satirize court and stuff argue that if Europeans follow natural law and get rid of monarchy/slavery/etc. then they could be so much better Spirit of the Laws arguing that each country is individual, no best type of government doesn’t argue for best type of government, but says that it should be separated - Jean- Jacques Rousseau takes pessimistic view of European society, most of history has been negative writes On Education becomes prominent theorist for idea of the noble savage humans can never return to natural state, but should try by overthrowing institutions and stuff The Social Contract believes women have too much influence over king, is a misogynist proclaims sovereignty of people - Thomas Paine by far the most radical political thinker of Enlightenment writes Common Sense attacks hereditary monarchy writes The Rights of Man reply to French Revolution, defends it, argues that sole purpose of government is to protect human rights tax cuts for poor, more wealthy estates should be taxe...
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