The Enlightenment

Phyllis wheatley atypical slave because she had a

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Unformatted text preview: trayed all possible racial combinations but also was status indicator harden social lines sold certificates of whiteness, to those who could pay for them limpieza de sangre St. Martin de Porres - is of mixed race, Spanish and native American - pious person and hard worker - drop racial limits to their convent and they make him a full lay brother (not a cleric) because he was such a good guy La Virgen de Guadalupe - appears to a man named Juan Diego, an Indian peasant doesn’t speak to him in Spanish, but in a different language - wants him to build a shrine but government says no - she says watch me perform a miracle, so he picks up roses in desert and gives them to archbishop, but when he shows roses, her image is there - leads many Indians in Mexico to convert to Christianity, becomes powerful symbol to indigenous people in Mexico - big culture in how she is celebrated Religious Revival - Evangelicalism conversion, activism, emphasis on Bible Study, emphasis on the Cross...
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