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Dangers spanish implement a lot of these ideas creates

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Unformatted text preview: d more heavily radical for its time Women and the Enlightenment - many philosophers, esp. French, argued that women are different in nature than men - Marquis de Condorcet writes On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship argues that women who own property should vote but later argues that ALL people should be enfranchised - Marie Olympe Aubrey de Gouges writes The Rights of Women proposes the French declaration on the rights of man should be extended to include women none of proposals are accepted - Mary Wollstonecraft English inspired by French revolution argues that education of women must be made equal to, and identical to men’s education before terror in the French Revolution Terror in the French Revolution - end of the Enlightenment - lots of people murdered - all these tracks and publications written before this Francois Marie Arouet, aka. Voltaire - writes for bourgeois audience - writes against aristocratic societies - supporter of Isaac Newton - argues that atheism is very dangerous, leads to immorality - thought Catholicism should be primary religion, but other religions should be tolerated - private lif...
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