The Enlightenment

Emphasis on revivals conversion of sinners far

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Unformatted text preview: t was forced - intermarriage was not uncommon passing became common later on – people were light skinned enough to “pass” in society more intermarriage in 17th century, as 18th century comes, racial lines become more hardened Robert “King” Carter - renamed slaves when they arrived at his plantation also way to remove them from past, weren’t given last names forces hybridization in slave populations Squanto - native American taken to Europe, known as the guy who set up the Thanksgiving, helps them survive - captured by Thomas Hunt in 1615, sold as slave, purchased by Franciscan friars - somehow ends up in Newfoundland, then later gets back to home - English pilgrims arrive in Plymouth, and had hard time surviving Bradford thinks of Squanto as a savior from God colony would not have survived without him Republican of Indians vs. Republic of Spaniards - if you lived in Republic of Spaniards, you had a lot of rights - some people tried to move between two, became very confusing - Spanish- Americans become obsessed with race, during Enlightenment leads to emphasis on race in Spanish America casta paintings por...
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