The Enlightenment

Example of two travelers in persia to criticize

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Unformatted text preview: , and necessary, proportion by crime, determined by laws Political Theory - John Locke religion should have no role in responsibility of ministry, and vice versa state of nature is state of complete freedom, anybody can do whatever he wants, everything is his is own he can do whatever he wants with it writes Two Treatises of Government state of complete freedom exists, but need government and civil society to protect people and cause you can’t do everything by yourself distinction from Hobbes: you don’t alienate your natural rights, can rebel in civil society; Hobbes says you don’t have natural freedom so there is no possibility of rebellion - no agreement on best type of society or government - almost all believe that politics is a science - think of the state as secular, instead of religious terms, do not eliminate idea of absolutism - Baron de Montesquieu most important p...
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