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Independence yet only place this exists is british

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Unformatted text preview: ru and South America send over man names Jose de Galvez Jose de Galvez (1720- 1787) - realizes not enough resources in mines in Mexico - taxes are too high in mines - still using wrong process to mine, technologically behind - begins offers relief for miner owners - restructures mercury mines, puts convicted criminals in mines (no one else would do it) mercury needed for silver monopolies on mercury, lowers the cut that the crown gets off mercury lowers taxes on mercury this helps mines get back into production - import African slaves to improve shortage of labor - goes after tobacco and alcohol royalties off both commodities establishes factories and stores (estancos), only places where these can be sold, become monopolies angers lots of people, including land owners changes implemented without consent of people monopolies over prices angers small business owners - put more Creoles (Europeans born in new world) out of work, don’t let them collect taxes - raises sale tax to help defense hits householders, artisans, poorer people, urban poor poor timing because comes at times of textile industry depression because during t...
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