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The Enlightenment

Of squanto as a savior from god colony would not have

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Unformatted text preview: e, rejected Christian morals justified behavior under pursuit of happiness - believes in reasonableness of the world - views change when: earthquake of Lima, city destroyed and tidal wave kills people Lisbon earthquake kill more people - Voltaire sees these natural phenomena and loses optimism on the world optimism is fatalism - Candide attacks Liebnitz, who advocated for optimism world is full of dangers Spanish implement a lot of these ideas - creates a lot of unrest and is unpopular, leads to revolution 8/1/12 Hybrid Cultures and Religious Revival - Dutch West India company was largest slave holder in Manhattan but gave them some freedom, let them live alone and stuff as long as they payed tribute and work - New Netherlands most involved in slave trade stuff - free Africans adopted European agriculture practices - 1659, Southhampton granted a black guy 3 acres of land - other examples of black guys getting land grants a black guy had land and slaves, one of those slaves ran away to a white guy’s plantation, so he sued the white guy and won (Somersett case) - lot of moving and hybridization, but lot of i...
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