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The Enlightenment

To help pay for 7 years war townshend act of 1767

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Unformatted text preview: hese reforms, British start Industrial Revolution, British textiles cheaper, so Spanish textiles unnecessary lots of violent reactions in Mexico - in Peru, requires Indians to pay yearly tribute - labor draft for Indians in mines, revives this because of shortage of labor - many Peruvians have fled already, so those left behind have to work in mines and also pay bonus tribute crushes them financially - tries to force free blacks and mestizos into paying tribute but they refuse - Pedro de la Cerda (1700- 1783) does same thing as de Galvez in Granada - violent protests against regal offices in Quito, first revolt on Spanish reforms in Spanish America mob grows as news spreads of this more offices attacked, government forces to expel all peninsulares (all Spaniards) royal government collapses in Quito, as a result of reforms began as anti- tax revolts, eventually will grow to independence revolts, etc. - biggest challenge for reformers: gain support of locals who don’t want reforms large urban poor class that grows during this time chronic unemployment anti- Spanish sentiment - in response, Spanish institute strict legislations roun...
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