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Uprising in peru 1781 educated mestizo claims to be

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Unformatted text preview: and army one of places is California, build missions and forts begin encouraging people to settle Argentina - look seriously at settling and defending Cuba sugar trade is growing rapidly - problem for Spain is their empire is so large - tons of African slaves introduced to Cuba between mid1700s and 1800s - Spanish don’t have anyone to defend places, so have to import tons of Africans - restructure bureaucracies and appoint people to high positions who have pro- French bias creates lot of friction within American territories people with no connection to territory running places opposite to how government was previously run - reforms within trade and economy very big open Spanish America for the first time to free trade Cubans are first to demand free trade free trade becomes standard for Spanish after 1783 (?) - most aggressive reforms come from securing more money for Spanish crown (goal is still to strengthen mercantilist goals) want as many resources as they can out of Spanish territories tribute collection, mining - create viceroyalties viceroyalty of La Plata and viceroyalty Granada - want to reform mines in Pe...
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