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Revolution - Spanish America

Liberates slaves in va turns himself in tried and

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Unformatted text preview: ated Haitian Revolution - has only successful slave rebellion - was owned by French, heart of trade - ton of slaves men outnumber women - blacks in Haiti own plantations and own slaves dads are usually white - white population men outnumber women - every group wants something they cant have blacks want freedom mixed people want same equalities as whites whites want political representation in Paris - when they hear of French Revolution, violence begins almost immediately, 1790 - attempted coup on upper class whites by lower class whites they arm slaves to prepare for war but slaves are fighting for their own purposes - slaves start burning plantations in plain rebellion starts in 1791 - Paris later declares legal equality of all free people mixed race people in Haiti and whites form another alliance - most whites migrate to New Orleans - later Britain declares war on France British get into the picture - at one time, there are 6 different factional armies in field - French later abolish slavery in 1793 but Reign of Terror begins, so they can’t enact this - 1794, lots of British soldiers die from yellow fever, can’t really do much in Haiti British government pressured to pull out of Haiti Toussaint L’Overture - freed slave and later owns slaves himself - fighting guerilla war and becomes successful in Haiti - needs to go into guerilla warfare because they don’t have good weapons and stuff - takes control of Haiti - uses army to force slaves back into plantation, to get economy going doesn’t make them slaves, more like sharecroppers - appoints himself president for life in Haiti - Napoleon can’t stand this, so tries to send army to take Haiti, but unsuccessful - declares independence and later establishes empire, not republic - Alexandre Petion, becomes next emperor of Haiti after first gets assassinated - becomes similar trend like Spanish America, where it’s one military general in control after another keep getting assassinated - only country born out of slave revolution, successfully in overthrowing imperial power most thorough revolution in Atlantic Sierra Leone and Liberia - Sierra Leone is first country in Africa populated by former slaves founded in 1787 by British initially governed by British at first huge migration of freed slaves from America to Africa lot of influential blacks come out of Sierra Leone - Liberia founded by the US settles first by American colonization society in 1820 tried to create “little America’s” in communities native Africans did not always welcome these people freed blacks see Liberia as a place to establish new lives without burden of race and enjoy liberties but native Africans don’t want that, fear that they will try to Christianize them and stuff becomes country in 1847 1784, first group to organize US Abolition is formed - Pennsylvania Abolition Society - in 1820s, blacks begin taking initiative for themselves David Walker, appeals to other blacks, says that if they are not granted emancipation, they can resort to violence - in 1831, Nat Turner rebels kills 60 southerners, liberates slaves in VA turns himself in, tried and executed - Virginia passes laws restricting blacks and stuff - Frederick Douglass becomes very influential friends with Benjamin Franklin and John Brown John Brown advocated violence like David Walker big in Kansas, then leads rebellion in Harper’s Ferry, VA, and when they get to an arsenal, the first person they kill is a freed slave, so they don’t gain support from other blacks, government sends militia to kill them - Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 does not free all slaves, only in the South but not the North and border states problem is that they can’t enforce it more of a...
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