Revolution - Spanish America

Llaneros so its a well organized and superior militia

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Unformatted text preview: people who lived in cities, so run by people called llaneros (cowboys more or less) llaneros had a sense of possession for ranches, want to do it for themselves, mostly made of black people urban elite see llaneros as people who need to be controlled, wild - people in Venezuela start wanting more - July 5th, 1811 elites concede to young radicals and allow them to demand for independence declare independence in July 14th, 1811, first republic declared - draft a constitution in December abolishes hereditary inheritance attains triumvirate eliminates slave trade, but not slavery national guard to regulate slaves vagrancy laws - when this constitution is introduced, this starts lots of racial wars - first republic collapses in 1812/13, becomes lots of independent caudillos - later on Bolivar arrests republic monarchy and turns him over to Spanish crown (?) Simon Bolivar - flip flops a lot on which side he wants to be on - finally decides that he wants independence from the crown - issues decree, declares people who are American born will be spared even if they are loyal to Spanish crown, but those who are from Spain will be killed wanted to force people to choose sides - creates military dictatorship known as 2nd republic - appeals to people for support by saying that whites should dominate blacks - creates a divisive society between American born vs Iberian born Jose Tomas Boves (1782- 1814) - rises up to challenge Bolivar - wanted independence also, but was Iberian born - forms a cavalry from the llaneros so it’s a well organized and superior militia made almost entirely of blacks lets them kill and rape and plunder whoever very successful - meets Bolivar in battle and beats him - Bolivar flees to Caribbean’s - whites referred to him as dark horde - defeats many of his enemies but eventually is killed in battle - so many militias roaming around Venezuela that it becomes very messy and violent - estimated that 1/5 of citizens killed during civil war - Boves and Bolivar try to get rule through a reign of terror - don’t achieve independence or equality - those born in Iberia had been killed - after years of civil war, had accomplished nothing Bolivar seeks help in Haiti - gets army from Haiti, names himself some big titles - proclaims absolute liberty of slaves only if all males serve in the army doesn’t attract many to his cause - has to flee again, people begin to see him as a traitor, keeps fleeing - comes back and defeats enemies - established 3rd republic and has 2 decrees establishes marshall law and proprietary taxes or something (?) - every time he comes back his decrees ar...
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