Revolution - Spanish America

Restore order and crush rebellion was actually

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Unformatted text preview: ey were head of household in new constitution, women were entirely disenfranchised - Indians given full rights of citizens eliminated tribute they had to pay for Spanish crown, but local leaders depended on that tribute, so they were in a worse situation - but does open the way for political change all adult males except those of African descent were allowed to vote - prominent cities of South America had began operating by themselves, without support from Spain Caracas forms own Hunta and ousts other government says they’re not seeking independence, but trying to preserve Spanish crown - in 1814, Ferdinand returns as king was very anticipated, but also disillusioned - terminated Parliament, and abolishes constitution - sent force to America to restore order and crush rebellion was actually successful - doesn’t realize how much had changed while he was gone Mexican Independence - begins in state of Guanajuato, central Mexico - Hidalgo (priest in region) begins Mexican revolution by saying he wants to restore Ferdinand’s rights - in 1810, collects army of indigenous peasants begins as Cry of Dolores lead march south, saying that they want to preserve Ferdinand’s power, but also demand reform the closer they get to Mexico city, the more terrified the elites are, elite Creoles begin turning on them army begins violent and falls apart - Hidalgo and his buddies try to flee to US but are caught and executed - by 1821, Mexican general named Iturbide takes control of Mexico marches into and takes Mexico City, declares it free writes 3 guarantees Mexico would be constitutional monarchy Catholicism would be state region equality between all races, and between Creoles and peninsulares - by time Iturbide takes control of Mexico, Mexico economy was devastated, they were at war for awhile end up with lots of men who were in army, but then end up unemployed resort to printing currency notes - as expense rises, Congress in Mexico tries to cut excess of his army, but he pays the army to riot and declare him emperor molds state like Napoleonic state - people are unhappy with monarchy even if its local - years of Mexican rule become many years of consecutive Caudillos, ruling Mexico for awhile 7/8/12 Venezuelan Independence - Caracas issues 3 things: Declare free trade Get rid of Indian tribute Abolish slavery ? - Cadiz, Spain, doesn’t accept these changes, and eliminate free trade all together - Venezuela divided politically want local governance vs. Spanish rule - also divided ethnically very mixed group of people lots of different groups mixing - center of Venezuela devoted to cattle ranching most owned by...
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