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European Migration

Polish interested in astronomy studies solar system

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Unformatted text preview: esources are limited, need to acquire as much as you can at the expense of the rest of the world - how to gain more wealth? colonialism, war, produce higher goods, high tariffs on imports, other nations want luxury exports - Louis builds tremendous army believes navy can only have max number of ships - theory of mercantilism leads Louis and Colbert to war - never create heavy manufacturing only invested in luxury goods - Louis revokes Edict of Nought, kicks Huguenots out of kingdom hurts economy - uncomfortable with bourgeoisie, ignored middle class 90% of country was peasants makes no investment in agriculture peasants taxed to extreme to pay for war - France becomes socially divided country - Britain comes to dominate because they continually expand navy Three mercantilist wars - War of Spanish Succession Spanish Habsbu...
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