European Migration

Portuguese and be catholic required to have passports

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Unformatted text preview: Mexico, mostly in South America most of them settle in urban areas, different that the English Spanish towns all were constructed the same - Jews also migrated to Spanish America, this is when the Inquisition also comes over to monitor the Jews - Portuguese were also young men, took up with local women children raised to speak Portuguese and be Catholic required to have passports presence in Africa was very small, wasn’t conducive to migration of children and women to Africa Brazil attracted many Portuguese, there was also a gold rush - sometimes there was reverse migration, to Europe brought Native Americans back to Europe people who were successful through trade the sons of Portuguese migrants came back to Europe for education, none in New World - 1629- 1640, many English went to North America reproduce very quickly, purpose was for political and religious freedom immigration was very big so these 2 factors led population to grow really fast 4 waves Puritan exodus (Mass.) cavaliers and indentured servants (VA) Quakers (Delaware Valley) border refugees (Appalachia) similarities: all speak English, are all Protestant, li...
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