European Migration

Conquer african ports in order to keep slaves flowing

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Unformatted text preview: diseases knew how to grow rice, had skills to farm that Europeans knew they couldn’t legally make Indians slaves because they could not be considered heretics (could be converted), but Africans are Muslim or pagan - treaty of Tordesillas gives slave trade to Portuguese, till mid1600s - most important crop in Atlantic was sugar, sugarcane labor for this was very hard - slave trade grew really slowly - Europeans sold metal, musket, cloth, horses, as trade commodities for buying slaves - Africans are enslaving neighbors - states along coast become very powerful through slave trade - for slavery to grow, you need strong labor demand sugar, rice, indigo, tobacco need supply of people climate - English never developed slave laws but English colonies start developing their own one reason why slavery comes to end in England first, because they never had comprehensive, overarching laws - Somerset case slavery was unsupported by law in England can only be a slave by positive law humans have created practice of slavery beginning of end of slavery in the Atlantic British are first to end it - Portuguese control it for first 100...
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