European Migration

Developments engage in lots of warfare louis xiv

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Unformatted text preview: years, then Dutch control it slave trade pits British, Dutch, Portuguese together - Dutch West India trading co. conquer African ports in order to keep slaves flowing to territories in Brazil, SA - English take over slave trade from Dutch with armada Royal African Company, 1660 brand slaves on chest with RAC - treaty of Utrecht English legally have the right to control the slave trade in Atlantic increase number of slaves moving, more than anyone else Liverpool is big slave port Europe becomes very rich, initially Portuguese, but mostly British later on they begin imposing their own will along the African coast, much more so than earlier - middle passage conditions were terrible disease spread quickly, dysentery not much oxygen, fresh air - consequences of slave trade men were favored, mostly men traded women were more valuable for their ability to make children in Africa, for many tribes, their military and communities destroyed because loss of men, remaining men become polygamist women become more involved in agriculture slavery becomes associated with Africa - largest forced migration in history - trade depended on what...
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