European Migration

Mercantilist wars war of spanish succession spanish

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Unformatted text preview: crops grew where only a small portion went to American south, because sugar cane only grew in Louisiana, but was a rough crop - slaves eventually resist by running away form maroon colonies mostly in Colombia and Venezuela, no where to run in Caribbean’s 7/26/12 Economic Warfare and the Scientific Revolution Louis XIV (1638- 1715) - France not one of main exporters of people in the Atlantic - but has very important economic developments, engage in lots of warfare - Louis XIV becomes king when he’s 4 years old, stays king for a long time - built Versailles - France is dominated by Louis’s ideas - nobility revolt against him, so he becomes paranoid of noble power, tries to crush nobility, adopts theory of absolutism God sanctions king to rule, no one can challenge power, not even pope powers not bound by laws, no Constitution unified monarchy, with reason of state king can do whatever he thinks is necessary to protect state idea from Thomas Hobbes in practice, absolutism is never that strong - Louis appoints Jean- Baptiste Colbert as his economist, and he expands his theories of mercantilism world’s r...
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