European Migration

Order or do you need to keep bringing in new people

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Unformatted text preview: ved under British laws, and took pride possessing British liberties differences: denomination, social rank, history others who came arrived because they had money and wanted even more money, take advantage of plantations, goods fishermen, merchants, financial people, soldiers - Jamaica fails as a military garrison, but succeeds as a colony in mid 1600s, funded by privateers mostly young men in the Caribbean - most people who went to Gold Coast died mortality is very high - clergy travelled a lot too usually settled along the edges and stuff most were missions, some were presidios later on, question becomes, can you let local people be part of the order? Or do you need to keep bringing in new people? 7/25/12 German migrants - were a large group, largest group of free, non- British migrants - most were Protestants, artisans, farming - but don’t share a common political identity Germany is politically and religiously fractured - most were from regions devastated by war competition for good land increasing taxes - there were pamphlets sent from North Americ...
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