European Migration

Traditionally slaves were from slavic regions but

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Unformatted text preview: a talking about how great living there was stressed that colonists elect political leaders stressed religious toleration, can exercise religion freely - most important group of non- national migrants Indentured Servants - normally for 4 years - significant portion of population - poor, uneducated - males outnumbered females, 4:1 - convicts: another group of un- free laborers an option for convicts to work in the New World servants usually get some freedom money, but convicts get nothing have nothing to start with once in the New World sometimes, merchants carrying the convicts forced them into indentured contracts - British proud of sending convicts overseas think they’re much more humane than Spanish, who execute - indentured laborers from Caribbean/Jamaica had higher skill level - white Jamaicans were very wealthy, more so than white mainlanders Slavery - slaves: have no freedom, no standing against the law, were objects - why Africa? traditionally, slaves were from Slavic regions, but they’re blocked by Ottoman Turks begins when Muslims start taking African slaves to Middle East resistant to tropical...
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