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Africa, Mexico, Spain

Coast portuguese crown decides not to extend gomezs

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Unformatted text preview: of economic interdependence between Muslim and Christians • go along to get along with neighbors - why Columbus sails • Ottoman Turks destroy Mongol empire and roads, so with the fall of the empire, they can’t go east to continue trade, looking to reestablish trade roots • technological advances (Carrack vs caravel, combines square and triangular sails), ships can sail south to Africa against prevailing winds, • Portolano map, maps of sailing directions, doesn’t take account of curves of earth, so only good for short distances • Ptolemy understands curvature of earth, but Columbus significantly underestimates where he was going, map making becomes important • gunpowder and weapons • powerful Portuguese patron (Prince Henry of Portugal) that provides money to support expansion - Prester John is...
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