Africa, Mexico, Spain

Has time to demilitarized or break with medieval past

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Unformatted text preview: fugees flee to Granada, determined to hold kingdom • inhabitants are very wealthy, lots of trade with Africa, acquire gold • economic and social pressures on Muslim relax, lots of famine occurs because ice age and black death, so bad agriculture - for about 200 years, Spain allows kingdom of Granada to exist - Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel of Castile (2 main Spanish kingdoms) go to war with Granada at end of 15th century and kingdom of Granada falls - but Muslims allowed to stay for awhile - reconquest ends, Columbus asks for money, gets it from Castile - 700 year long crusade against Islam, elevates Spain to role of Christian champion of Europe • lengthy process, fighting rarely stopped • crusades here successful - some consequences • Spanish king declared Most Christian king, seen as victors of Christianity in Europe • Castile never has time to settle time, to build urban industrial centers • Iberian historical development seen in terms of historical significance and frontier experience • society is thoroughly organized for war • Spanish frontiers closes when Columbus sets sail, never has time to demilitarized or break with medieval past, El Cid remains hero even in New World • economically Spain lags behind, harsh region, not many resources, main industry was wool trade, had to import most of basic necessities, pretty poor country! - no other European society could have done what they did - Spanish are poor, they are financed by Italians - Columbus is Genoese - going to repopulate areas they conquer, main strategy, but demand for settlers greater than the supply • Spanish peasants wealthier than anywhere around world • more mobile • more intermarriage - in exchange for protection from foreign attack, settlers offer labor to noblemen, have bad consequences – encomienda, primary labor system - patterns and strategies • repopulation • confrontation • lot...
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