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The Atlantic Before Extensive Contact

Develop technique of literary analysis to determine

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Unformatted text preview: go around parading and whipping themselves massive influx of people poorly trained, not fit for religious jobs rise of lay control of religion - two more problems for church western schism of church church divided between German, French, and Italian popes papacy moved places Conciliary movement: council can be called by king (laymen), council asserted to be more powerful to pope Babylonian captivity - loss of revenue for church church started taking bribes started selling indulgences put price tags on positions indulgence: can pay money for religious compromises moral reputation of papacy drops - indulgence of Johann Tietzel, 1517 this one allows people to completely skip purgatory - Constantinople falls in 1453 to Ottomans when it falls, Greek intellectuals flee to Italy, take libraries with them, knowledge and culture comes back to prominence in Europe Mehmed II, 1432- 1481 - leads to Renaissance Italian revival of Roman and Greek culture, Classics Means rebirth art had been reborn develop technique of literary analysis to determine date written, authentic from fake Italians see Renaissance as light to high middle ages gothic architecture, from Germans nationalistic, growth of patriotism Machiavelli, The Prince, he wanted to unite Italy spreads to rest of Europe - printing press invented, arguably most important invention used to be done in mon...
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