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The Atlantic Before Extensive Contact

For children returns ever 5 10 years for 400 years

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Unformatted text preview: d by his father, went into wilderness, saw world as God’s handiwork, loved nature Spread wildly by end of 13th century Spiritual Franciscans, anti- papal - new religions helped people move around - start of 14th century: 1300- 1500, little ice age famine, harsh agriculture, 10% of population dies because of famine - spread of black death, 1348 Genoese control Caffa, comes under siege by Mongols Catapult dead bodies over walls, spread to Genoese, but they leave on ships to Genoa, spread it to Europe 20 million died within a year of the black plague (1/3 of population) death is popular subject in European art dies out after a year, returns in 1361, esp. for children returns ever 5- 10 years for 400 years, Southern Europe hit hard consequences: helped agrarian overpopulation, shortage of labor, abundance of land, wages go up because high demand for labor, value of land drops, power of land lords broken, Jews get blamed, rise of anti- Semitism - burning of Jews, 1349 lepers also blamed - institutional church loses authority can’t explain it higher clerics head out of town to private villas instead of helping growth of mysticism, weird groups flagellants,...
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