The Atlantic Before Extensive Contact

For regional and long distance trade develop joint

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Unformatted text preview: better tell where they are and where they’re going - lot of people become wealthy because they invest in water mills - truce of god outlaws war on holy days and holy seasons - peace of god also - no pilgrimages, no more invasions - some nations very united strong - need for land and labor - population grows very fast - increasing capital, need it for regional and long distance trade - develop joint stock companies, checks, banks, loans helps increase long distance trade, don’t need to carry trade - urbanization, towns grow, expansion, more social mobility - religious revival, initiated by monks and pilgrims pilgrimages for penance, some believed it had healing power, visiting and exploring the world relics began popping up everywhere, some were duplicated, faked (crown of thorns, john the baptist’s head, etc.) - new orders of religion: Dominic 1170- 1221, Dominicans win over heretics through argument, very mobile become leaders of inquisitions in Europe Thomas Aquinas, etc. - also, Franciscans, Friars minors Francis of Assisi, 1182- 1226, had stigmata of Jesus’s wounds Disowne...
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