Day 12 Information Overload, User Interface, and Interactivity Exam 3

Engelbartcomputer mouse 1968 allows content creafon

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Unformatted text preview: oss, low media literacy Most of these issues sort themselves out in Fme Development of the Digital UI The T V Screen TV and Remote Control The Computer Interface The CreaFon of IntuiFve Interfaces The Desktop Metaphor The Television Screen Computer monitors more T V like Affects the design and U I of monitors Some people don’t like it TV now borrowing from monitors TV and Remote Control TV remote, Zenith (1950) Now- a- days remotes use infrared to communicate with T V Enabled changing the channel – people become more impaFent eg. Don’t watch commercials The Computer Interface Computers and human operate in diff. languages – people need to know code in order to get computer to do things Now a days language is built in Speakers allow for computers to be mulFsensory The Creation of Intuitive Interfaces Keyboards Computer Mouse Touch- SensiFve Screens Natural Input Methods Graphical User Interface Keyboards Typewriters (1870s) allowed for faster wriFng Originally organized alphabeFcally, but olen jammed QWERTY keyboard was intended to slow people down – need to learn where the keys are, need to train to be efficient, limits how small computers can...
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