Day 12 Information Overload, User Interface, and Interactivity Exam 3

Day 12 Information Overload User Interface and Interactivity Exam 3

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Unformatted text preview: t program to search for content Create databases Social and Political Impact of Information Overload Informa;on overload— difficulFes associated with dealing with the vast amts of info available to use and making sense of it – decision making, aQenFon demands Plagiarism issues The Importance of User Interface (UI) What is it? Cornerstone of Success What is it? User interface (UI)— juncFon between a medium and the people who use it when learning a new tech. the importance becomes even more apparent Cornerstone of Success If U I is poor then people won’t adopt Needs to be intuiFve and natural Needs to be customizable to each user’s preferences Current Problems with UI ImplicaFons of Unchanging U I ImplicaFons of Changing U I Implications of Unchanging UI If the U I remains unchanged, then… Know what to expect, need to find new things, no worries about change Offers more efficiency to user Implications of Changing UI Digital media has no choice but to change U I from trad. Media RelaFvely new – people haven’t had Fme to evolve w/ it, rapid advances in tech may alter U I, ranging computer standards means not always the same acr...
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