Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Development of the advertising agency by 1860s a d in

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Unformatted text preview: Prominence of Adver3sing Development of the Adver3sing Agency Growth of Commercial Television First Advertising Word of mouth Ancient Egypt wriDen ads public areas Prin3ng press – mass comm, A D Broadsheet ads – during immigra3on to US, filled w/ info Greater Prominence of Advertising 1850s A D the norm for U S marke3ng firms Ads in newspapers Had to compete with ar3cles – eye catching No standards for A D – made extravagant, untrue claims Development of the Advertising Agency By 1860’s A D in na3onal magazines Volney B. Palmer—first ad- agency, took an ad- agency commission - % of the cost of an ad that is taken by the agency NW Ayer began to set the standard for crea3vity of A D Growth of Commercial Television Commercials T V Tony Schwartz was well known in A D – esp. in poli3cs 1960’s ads went from 30sec to 1min, b...
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