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Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Historical development of public rela3ons trends in

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Unformatted text preview: her part of it w/o opening new window Video ads are becoming popular— <30secs Advertising Channel— Classifieds and Auction Sites Craigslist, eBay, Groupon Online classifieds have several advantages No space or geo. limita3ons Benefits More informed decisions (for consumer) Easy online payment methods Large number of users at any one 3me (for the seller) Advertising Channel— Search Engine Ads Search engine op.miza.on— uses a variety of techniques that involve website design, keywords, and links to try to raise the rankings of the websites in a search Search engine marke.ng—adver3ser either pays a search engine company for a sponsored link or buys keywords that are sold at auc3on Advertising Channels— Viral Marketing Some of the best ads have been without expensive campaigns Viral marke.ng— spreading news and info about media con...
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