Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: tent through word of mouth, via online discussion groups, chats, and emails, w/o u3lizing trad3onal adver3sing and marke3ng methods Humorous or strange videos seem to work best for this Advertising Agencies Agencies perform many important func3ons Crea3ve – produce content, client management – working w/ client and handling accounts, media buying – purchase 3me and space for A D, research – collect and analyze data Many are star3ng to bring in a digital interac3ve component Many are globalizing Public Relations What is it? Historical Development of Public Rela3ons Trends in the Development of P R PR and Media Rela3ons PR Firms and the P R Industry What is it? Managing a company or person’s persona Do not pay...
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