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Day 10 Advertising & Public Relations Exam 2

Es3mate because larger components can nego3ate

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Unformatted text preview: dia program funded by the govt and designed to achieve some social goal or what might be called social engineering Selling Products, Selling Ideas (cont’d) Tend to face an uphill baDle with changing aOtudes “cool behaviors”, best channel?, what is prosocial or good, difficult to design actual campaign Selling Products, Selling Ideas (cont’d) Fear appeals— persuasive techniques to get people to change aOtudes and behaviors because they are afraid of consequences Public service announcement (PSA)— persuasive msg in which media donate 3me to organiza3on with a worthy purpose in the public’s benefit These are all important to educate people around the world about issues affec3ng them Advertising Channel— Print Media (cont’d) Advertorial— type of display that looks like an actual ar3cle in the publica3on Publishing companies create r...
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